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APA Tutorial: Writing Essays the Right Way

June 25, 2013 at 10:38 pm

APA TutorialNo matter what anyone has told you, there is in fact a correct way to write a paper. This paper could be a term paper, a research report, an experimental study, a literature review, a theoretical article, or even a case study, either way you must learn the correct and the wrong way to write your paper.

A literature review is a critic of a literary work. A literature review will typically include: title page, introduction section, and a list of references. An experimental report follows the scientific method so this essay will include several more sections and is a more in depth paper. An experimental paper may include: title page, abstract, introduction, results, and references.

There are several steps to writing in correct APA style including: typed, double-spaced, and 12 pt. Times New Roman font. When writing in APA style you should use a page header at the top of every page, and an essay should include four major sections: title page, abstract, main body, and references.

The first page of your paper should be the title page. The second page should be the abstract, and the third will be the beginning of the text. When addressing the topic make sure you are specific and aware of personal bias. When writing also be aware about what individuals prefer to be called and acknowledge the people and their participation in your research.

When you start a new page make sure to include the page header on the top of the page and the on the first line of the paper center the word abstract. Abstract on the page should not be bolded, underlined, italics, or in quotation marks. The line following the abstract should include a couple short sentences giving your readers a summary of the key points in your paper.

When writing a paper citing your sources and references is especially important if not the most important part of your paper. To avoid plagiarism, take precautions and collect all the information you need from the site in order to form a correct citation.

When writing a paper you should combine all sources and citations to create a final reference list. The reference lists allows the readers to find the sources with ease.

APA style is simple once you set your mind to it and start writing. Stick to APA style and do not stray from your topic. Make your points specific and make sure each point has a meaning; otherwise, just let the words flow out of your mind and onto the paper, and enjoy the writing experience. Keep on writing.